Blockchain services

Blockchain consultancy for b2b and b2c purposes.

Including concepts for tokens and digital currencies.

Use case & prospectus development, Go-To-Market strategy.


Blockchain technology makes it possible to execute transactions between people and/or machines, without the need of a trusted authority or central server. Examples are money transfers (like Bitcoin or Noir), handing over title deeds or storing private data.

Blockchain is also used to facilitate business processes. Processes like the clearing of goods or guarantee the authenticity of a design-product. The number of usecases is growing every day.

Blockchain technology is not a future technology. It is already in our daily lives.

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Business consultancy 'in a block'

What can dided do for your organisation?

Dided can show you if and how blockchaintechnology will effect your business. The company advises about the application of the technology within your processes and customer solutions. 

Dided offers services in the overall product life cycle. From market analysis to setting up use cases and go-to-market strategies. The company also offers project management during implementation.
The owner, Oscar Gordijn, helps you to set up development roadmaps and marketingstrategy. 

As a blockchain consultant, Oscar can help a variety of organisations, including:

  1. Software development companies (making blockchain applications)
  2. Public sector organisations or service centers (buyers and users of blockchain applications).
  3. Digital currency organisations or communities (making use cases, prospectus, strategy for coin revivals or prevent the lack of distinctive character).

Pragmatic approach

For organisations that start from scratch, dided has developed 'consultancy in a block'. This service makes it possible to set up a so called 'use case'. This usecase explains how the blockchain application works, how it serves the users, how the business case works out (purpose and profit) and how it can be rolled out within your company and to your market.
Every 'block' of this service has a fixed price.

Will blockchaintechnology add value to your organisation?

Will blockchaintechnology make your business more successful? The block diagram below gives you a quick insight.

Consultancy for software companies

For developers  of blockchain applications, services are offered in all phases of the product lifecycle.

Setting up business cases, making positioning statements or translating roadmaps to a practical marketing planning are all examples of the services dided offer.

Dided helps you with product management and marketing questions like:
- What will be the added value of blockchain technology for us and our customers?
- Will our customers adopt blockchain technology?
- How do we deal with two productlines with different technologies?

In other words: if you make the blockchain product, dided will take care that it fits within your portfolio and will be introduced to your target group.

Consultancy for public sector organisations

If you are a (potential) user of blockchain applications, dided can guide you through the decisionmaking- and implementationprocesses.

If you want to know what added value blockchain has to offer you, than it is very useful to analyse your processes and services. Dided can develop business cases for your organisation, that show the (dis)advantages of blockchaintechnology for you and your customers.

Dided will give advice during the selection of a solution and will help you with the introduction to (and adoption by) your target groups.

Services for digital currency organisations 

If you are a developer or community of a crypto currency, than dided can help you with things like setting up a usecase or whitepaper, give strategic advice on improvement of the purpose of the currency or make a positioning statement.

The crypto currency market is relatively new. Organisationstructures are sometimes different from traditional organisations. The competition in the market is enormously.
This makes it essential to have an outlined strategy to assure adoption and long-term success.

Besides this, crypto currencies face specific difficulties. One of them is avoid being associated with scams and non-delivering ICO's. Dided can set up 'proof of product' strategies that will keep you on the right side (from the public's point of view of course).

Why order blockchain consultancy services at dided?


Unique combination of knowledge

ICT Product management
Blockchain & digital currencies


Helicopter view & conceptual thinking

Experience with process automation and digital currency strategy.
Being able to guide everyone's interest in a chain, process or area.


From strategy to excecution

Dided develops strategic advise and gives support during the implementation of the strategy. As an advisor, project- or product manager.

The use of blockchain applications mostly means that processes and/or business models change. Blockchain looks at a different, more disruptive way to the value of persons/intermediates/organisations in a specific area. The use of blockchain can set a different (higher or lower) value in each step of chain.

Organisations that get involved with blockchain applications, will face several changes.
The relationship with customers or suppliers can change. Customers might have to adapt to a new delivery process. The power of blockchaintechnology will also mean that, in some cases, links in a chain will be completely eliminated. In this case, the role and power of intermediates (like a bank, solicitor or wholesaler) can change dramatically or even disappear. If these cases you need to prepare for huge resistance during the development and introduction of the application.

To give good support to it's customers, a blockchain business consultant must control several disciplines to setup and introduce a successful usecase.

The person that owns dided, Oscar Gordijn, has a powerful combination of knowledge and skills to support you with strategic decisions and the introduction of blockchain in your business area.


Services of dided: consultancy in a block

For organisations that start from scratch, dided has developed 'consultancy in a block'. Organisations that would like to know more about blockchaintechnology or are interested in developing their own blockchain application, 'consultancy in a block' might be useful. Every block that dided offers contains a 'smart contract'. During a block a specific task will be executed by Oscar. Each block delivers a fixed result.
Just like with real blockchains, the next block can only be created and added to the chain, if the previous block has been finished and approved. The difference with real blockchains is that 'orphan blocks' will never be created :-).


Smart contract 1

Market analysis

How will blockchaintechnology affect your market / area?

Opportunities and threats.

Which parties will pick up this technology?
Will you face new competitors?

€ 4.000,-

Smart contract 2

Internal analysis

Can you create added value with the use of blockchain within your company?

Scanning 3 of the processes within your organisation.

Overview with customer benefits & business case drivers.

€ 5.000,-

Smart contract 3

Usecase development

Setting up 1 usecase
for your organisation
for 1 process or product

Setting up proposition

Description of the actual blockchain application and the differences with the current situation.

€ 7.500,-

Block 4?

Implementation support

Assistance during strategic decision-making and implementation support.

Convert proposition to detailed marketingplanning

Dided can assist you with product management and set up partnerships.


Accepted currencies

Powerful combination of knowledge & experience;
always working with a personal approach.


Dided has no strings attached to other companies (referal fees, et cetera).

Serves all parties needs

Dided wants all parties involved to benefit from your solution / services.

Base of support

Oscar listens to everybody's ideas and tries to involve all parties.

Unique combination of knowledge

Experience with (marketing-) strategy, collaborations and ICT.

Taking you a step further

No management book advices, but doing the things that need to be done for success.

Focus on long-term vision

The main goal of dided is to create growth, built on a solid foundation.


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